Hello, world!

Posted 2022-03-08 18:14:00 ‐ 2 min read

The Haskell Cryptography Group is proud to publicly broadcast its existence to the wider community.

Affiliated with the Haskell Foundation, we are an organisation that provides a support structure for open-source maintainers producing projects wrapping or implementing cryptography.

Cryptography is a sensitive topic in a programming language ecosystem, and the historical model of letting the ecosystem self-regulate in the usual way isn’t appropriate. This is why, with the support of the Haskell Foundation, we are establishing a group with a clear governance structure and goals to make change for the better in our ecosystem.

We offer support to cryptography projects when we can, providing a space of mutual help and innovation for the projects that are given to us. We also nurture new approaches and designs in cryptography libraries, so that the ecosystem does not suffer from the risks associated with monoculture, whilst maintaining high standards of code quality and security.

If you are interested in our work and wish to get involved, you can see our by-laws on GitHub. Our projects include bindings to libsodium, blake3, OpenSSL, as well as implementations like Cacophony for the Noise Protocol.

The official coordination space is on the Haskell Foundation Slack workspace, on the #cryptography-group channel, and we maintain a presence on the #haskell-cryptography IRC channel on LiberaChat, where general discussions on cryptography in Haskell are welcome.